THREADING: No more bad brow days!

Top rated salon in Amsterdam explains threading.

Have you ever heard about threading? If you didn’t we will tell you all there is to know about this amazing hair removal method.


Threading is the key to smooth, hairless skin without irritation. There’s no going back once you’ve popped your threading cherry. Seriously though, it is the best way to clean, shaped and just good brows in general. No matter what you’re starting off with.


Even though threading seems a bit scary at first, the cotton-twisting treatment is not scary all. Because we feel like it is nice to know what you can expect from threading, we have everything there is to know down below


Threading is a hair removal method that has been used in the Middle East and South Asia for many centuries. The ancient technique involves using a thin piece of cotton thread, this thread is placed on the skin and pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, trapping the hair and lifting it up and out of the follicle. Because it is removed with the root it will be providing longer lasting results.

No more bad brow days!

We answered some frequently asked question about threading;



Is threading hygienic?

Threading is extremely sanitary, Nothing but the thread touches the skin, and every thread is thrown away after use.


Can I use the threading method if my skin is sensitive?

No, chemicals are applied to the skin preventing irritation and allergic reactions.


What makes the threading method results long lasting?

Because hair is removed from the follicle, results can last up to six weeks.


Will threading be effective enough to remove each hair?

Threading provides the ability to be meticulous in removing stubborn little hairs that other methods are unable to.


What can I expect from the results on my brows?

Eyebrows can be shaped with immense precision, leaving behind a clean line and desired shape.


Is threading safe to get done while I am using medication?

Threading can be done when using Retin-A Accutane and other medications which are prohibited during other hair removal techniques.

Threading is not only amazing to shape your brows, you can get any unwanted hairs on the face removed. In our salon we provide eyebrow threading, upper lip threading, chin threading, cheek threading, jaw threading, sideburn threading, forehead threading, full face threading and even a threading course!

If you have not tried threading yet you should totally give it a go!


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