Specialized, top rated salon shares tips and tricks to keep your brows groomed and in shape at yourself.


From shaping your eyebrows at home to enhancing them with makeup/products, here are 5 tips and tricks to maintain your eyebrows at home.


We all have been there; your eyebrows grew out but it is still too early to come back for an appointment, what is the right thing to do to tidy your brows up a bit without pissing of your brow tech.


You see brows everywhere; sharp brows, bushy brows, laminated brows. You might not realize the way they frame your face until you tweezed the wrong hair.

Tip 1: What tweezer should you tweeze  your eyebrows with?


We recommend Tweezers with a tapered tip because they are the best at removing the finest to the most stubborn thick hairs. I think we can all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to remove those random hairs that tend to pop up underneath the brows. It seems as though there is always that one hair that just doesn’t want to come out and it completely throws off your shape. DECADELA tweezers, are created to do exactly this. This tweezer has a specific angle with an oblique finish which removes even the finest hairs time after time. 


You can shop DECADELA tweezers in our salon or online!

Tip 2: How to guarantee successful hair removal when tweezing?


The key for successful tweezing is in the way you maintain your tweezers. Yes you read that right, to maintain your brows your tweezers must be in a good state. To keep your tweezers sharp we advice you clean your tweezers before and after each use. You can do so by using a cotton round and rub it between the flat parts of the blades. This will remove all the oil and hair build up that tend to clog your tweezers.


The freshly cleansed tweezers are now ready to grip onto every single hair you want gone.

Pro tip: swipe the cotton round between the blades after each hair to ensure every hair comes out with ease.

Tip 3: How to maintain the shape?


To maintain your salon shaped brows we recommend to only tweeze the lost hairs: the hairs that are further than 2 mm away from the line created at the roots of your brows. To ensure that you won’t be over plucking, we recommend you draw guide lines on your eyebrows. You can do so by drawing a line at the roots, where you want your arch to be and where you want your eyebrows to stop. Only pluck outside these lines.

Tip 4: I overplucked, what should I do now?


So you got tweezer happy and removed a hair you shouldn’t have? well, this has happened to the best of us and thankfully we get to learn from these experiences. For a quick fix we recommend to fill your eyebrows in with a makeup product. For a natural look you can use a bit of brow or brown powder, even some eyeshadows will do the trick. To make them look fuller use a product one to two shades lighter than your eyebrow color, this way you can make them look fuller without giving yourself a harsh look.


Did you remove a hair and tried to fix it by removing even more hairs? For hair-like strokes we recommend you use an eyebrow pencil or a brow pomade with a sharp brush. Add hair-like strokes on the area where you over tweezed by creating very thin and light strokes by mimicking the way the brow hairs fall and the direction of growth. Did you lose hairs at the top of your brows? A brow lamination could be the perfect solution! Read more in our blog post all about brow lamination.

Tip 5: I let my brows grow out and lost the shape, how do I fix this?


If your eyebrows have completely grown out we recommend you go to a professional to get your them done. When your brows have lost their shape you are most likely going to come across some thickness and symmetry issues. That is why it is important for someone with expertise in this field to take a look at your eyebrows to shape them to perfection.


For an appointment book at {insert link booking site}


That’s it. Just remember to only remove stray hairs, clean your tweezers and after a few trials and errors tweezing will be a piece of cake!


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